Our mission

For 30 years, Surfline/Wavetrak has connected people with the ocean. Starting with surfers and since expanding to offshore cruisers, fishermen and a myriad of other ocean-goers, we've found ways to deliver the peak ocean experience. It is our mission to provide the most accurate forecast data and eye-popping content in order to make your life better, whatever your ocean pursuit may be.

Together we thrive

As a team, we seek to follow the example set by our founder, Sean Collins. We bring passion to our work, striving to perform our job duties with the utmost proficiency and humility. We celebrate the relationship between technology and humanity, and do not believe that one is more important than the other. Most importantly, we get out on the water when the conditions are right.

Work to live

We're not going to feed you clichés. Our team is small, we work hard and we care. We have a “take what you need” vacation policy that enables our employees to take the necessary time off in order to refresh and return to work fully charged. We respect our employees as human beings and support them in their outside life, knowing that it means a more sustainable long-term employee-employer relationship.

Surfline Family

Bring the passion

Make your next job your last stop.